I paint strong women actively engaging with and improving the worlds they inhabit. I am fascinated by the psychological terrain that lies beneath the surface of our skin, and I seek to explore the ways in which we navigate these emotional realms. I find strength and power in spaces that seem dark and impossible; spaces that would break you, if only you weren’t so goddamn tough.

The imagery of my paintings walks a line between the “real” world and a world shaped by our emotional perceptions.  These worlds oscillate between a bold, immediate foreground and expansive, ambiguous scenery. My color palette evokes an otherworldly sentiment, and strong washes of light bathe the figures and their projects.  While the landscapes verge at times on abstraction, we are grounded by the conviction of the women who occupy that space. These women are strong and capable; they navigate, fix, and hold together the strange worlds they inhabit. They pull their worlds together with string and mold mountains with their bare hands. Often their tasks seem unclear, or even futile, but they are always working to improve their current conditions to better suit them. These women act as anchors in a world that is wrought with uncertainty. Their intentions may be unclear, but what is clear is that they are acting upon their worlds with focus, courage, and intensity.

My painting process mirrors the rhythms of my life – sometimes loose and chaotic, sometimes reactive and intensely focused. I shift between transparent washes of acrylic and thick slabs of paint applied with a palette knife or a squeegee, mirroring the layered complexities of our beings. Much as we learn to see ourselves differently through time and transformation, I both build surfaces up and sand away at the paint to reveal earlier histories. Life and painting are complex, requiring both pushing and pulling, building and taking away, acting quickly without clarity, and then slowly realizing the best path forward.